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Nu Balance Coaching located near West Des Moines, Iowa offers wellness coaching, massage therapy, skin care, personalized nutrition and fitness plans.  Nu Balance was founded by Kristin Wicks in 2003 with a focus on healthy eating and physical fitness to achieve an overall  greater well-being.  Kristin has found through years of experience in personalized coaching, diet and exercise that everyone has unique individual needs and by designing a custom weight management program, personal goals can be set and tracked until reached. The Nu Balance program also works with Type II Diabetes in regards to general nutrition and balancing blood sugar levels.  Unlike many popular weight loss and diet programs throughout Des Moines, Iowa such as Weight Watchers®, Jenny Craig®, L.A. Weight loss® and even the South Beach Diet® program, 
Nu Balance provides custom diet plans that require no point counting, no pre-packaged foods to purchase and no cutting out carbs or fat!  Plus, she will design you a personalized meal & fitness plan allowing you to have more food with proper exercise.
Lindsay Lost: 73 lbs, 74.25 in, 13.4% bf
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Nu Balance has a fresh and unique approach towards wellness. Clients consist of those who are searching for help with general weight loss, diet control, cycling, marathon running, bodybuilding, golf, etc. and even those who set to accomplish the world renowned
Iron Man Triathlon
Tim's Testimonial
Tim's Ironman name is Tim Devick from Urbandale, Iowa.  I am 64 years old and I have been a triathlete for years.  Never once with the anticipation to ever complete the longest of the four distances of a triathlon, an Iron Man.  Not until I learned that through discipline eating of the correct servings of fruits, vegetables, proteins and yes...even fats...that I could lose weight, reduce body fat, build muscle through strength training exercise and my dream of competing & finishing an Ironman is possible with the help of Kristin Wicks and her coaching. The journey began in 2006 when I completed the Wisconsin Iron Man in September 2008 which is a 2.4 mile swim, 112 mile bike & a 26.2 marathon.  For eight years, I have continued to work with Kristin.  She assists me with important nutrition information and I have learned that a healthy breakfast is the most important meal of the day with a balanced diet.  Plus, moderate exercise will also help maintain your health & weight.          
Thank-you Kristin!
Tim's 112 mile Bike, exercise the key to burning calories
Fitness-Swimming helps to to stretch those hidden muscles -
Tim's 26.2 mile Marathon.Tim's Success
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